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ABA Bill of Rights

As the parent of an ASD child, we believe you have fundamental inalienable rights related to receiving the highest quality, research-based, best industry practices of ABA treatment. ┬áThat’s why we’ve created the following Bill of Rights you can refer to when determining if your ABA care is up to the best industry practices or not.


1. The right to have a BCBA credentialed Supervisor on your ABA case.
2. The right to have access to your written ABA data, maintained and logged on a daily basis by your ABA provider.
3. The right to work with an ABA agency qualified and contracted to work with either school districts, regional centers, or both.
4. The right to have recognized best-practice research-based ABA treatment hours assigned by your ABA provider: 25 hours for children under 3, and 40 hours for children over 3.
5. The right to have all your prescribed treatment hours scheduled and performed weekly by your ABA provider, without any provider excuses why your maximum hours are not being met.
If any of your rights are not being met by your current ABA provider, we will assist you in demanding these rights.  LA FEAT believes that no parent or child should have to receive ABA care that is anything less than the recognized best standard for treatment in the ABA industry.